BQEF's Woman Grads are Making History in Bolivia


“Women and girls can do anything. And all of us, everywhere, should have the chance to prove it.” ~Melinda Gates

As Women’s History Month wraps up, we’d like to share with you examples of BQEF women graduates who are using their education to make a difference. With help from the BQEF scholarship program, nearly 100 young women have entered professional careers and are having positive impacts in Bolivia. 

Esther Mamani was determined to become an agricultural engineer despite her family’s refusal to support her in “men’s work.” For her senior project she led a group of students in studying the use of chemical pesticides in a small farming community. They found that the toxic products the farmers were using had tragic results—a dramatic increase in stillbirths and birth defects in their community. She now works for an NGO helping to educate farmers in remote communities on the dangers of chemicals and the value and methods of organic growing. 

Alicia Lucasi guides aspiring learners as she teaches university Education classes, manages the Scholarship program, and supervises the Student Residence. Alicia is also co-leading our Quaker Study Tour in Bolivia later this year. 

Ruth Calle provides pediatric care to children living in poverty in an area far removed from the health services available in the Capital. 

Ana Callisaya organized others during her last year as a pediatric dentistry student to provide free dental exams to schoolchildren. She now works for an agency offering dental and other care for the poor in the northern province of Pando. Ana is also leading the way for BQEF alumni by sponsoring a current BQEF scholarship student, helping sow the seeds for future changemakers. 

Magaly Quispe (in the photo above) has an exciting new project: a pilot program offering high school students in Sorata "Alternatives to Violence Project" workshops focusing on prevention of Domestic Violence (DV). Bolivia has the highest rate of DV in South America, which the government is working to reduce. The principal of the high school is so enthusiastic about the project that he wants to expand it immediately beyond the pilot project to include all juniors and seniors, and offer the workshops to parents, too.

As a supporter of BQEF, you share in helping more young women become change makers in their society. Thank you! 

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