Internet Access for the Student Residence!

Mariela Researching for a Report on Technology

Our high school students in Sorata are delighted to have ready access to the internet at the student residence, for the first time ever.

In recent years their teachers have increasingly assigned reports that require them to do research on the internet.

Because the minimum monthly charge for establishing an internet connection was $300, we were unable to offer internet on the student residence computers. So students had to pay for computer use at one of the local internet cafes, which are often crowded, noisy, and an expense that most could ill afford.

Alvaro starts his report on food

This July, a generous donation from visitors on the Quaker Service and Study Tour equipped 2 of the new student residence computers with affordable internet access via a cell phone simcard. 

Part-time administrator Martina Calle helps guide the students’ newly-enhanced research efforts. She reports they’re greatly appreciative and are learning to gather information for their assignments very effectively. The students also have an opportunity to explore the wider web and become more familiar with the many resources it offers, broadening their horizons well beyond the formidable Andean peaks surrounding their remote valley.