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You can directly edit most of the Web Pages. For example go to the Directory and look for the "Edit" tab just below the title. Click the Edit Tab, and you can add your current contact information to the page.

You can add a picture to an Event, News Story, or a Page too. Look below the "Body" Text Box when you are editing your post, Click where it says "Attached Images", then Click Browse to upload an image from your computer. Try to upload a smaller image, or else it will take a long time, and may fail.

For a complete list of pages that need to be filled in and tasks that will help improve the website, go to the Website Checklist.

One of the only pages you cannot edit is the home page, send me information and I can change the Home Page for you. You may want to Start a New Collaboration Document to finalize Home Page Content.

To Report a problem with the Website Contact dcoffee.

You can find more detailed Instructions at the Website Guidebook.

 Some of the Web Pages are empty or incomplete, you will see an Edit tab on most pages where you can update the page immediately.


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PS. For now while the website is still under development, anyone who creates a new account temporarily has the privileges of an administrator. When we are ready to release the website to the General public under your new web address, we will create a separate category for Facilitators, they will be able to add Workshops, News, and Pictures, but will not be able to directly edit the pages. And when the site is public, new users will have to be approved and classified as Facilitators or Administrators.